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The Churches of the Upper Wylye valley team belong to you, to everyone who lives in the parishes and to the nation. They are beautiful historic buildings cared for by teams of dedicated volunteers who keep them open all year round so that there is a free space in every village for YOU.

An Announcement of Changes in the Upper Wylye Valley Team

The Upper Wylye Valley Team has suffered two tragedies in recent weeks.  The Priest-in-Charge, Revd Alison Morley, has moved to another post leaving the benefice in a Vacancy.  On top of that, a long-serving and much loved member of the clergy team, Revd Ian Duff, died on 28th March after a long illness.  Part of their legacy, however, is to leave a robust and resilient organisation behind them that is determined to ensure that life in our valley, in our churches and in our communities carries on even without their considerable leadership, skills and care.  The Team Vicar, Revd Clifford Stride, takes charge pro tem and he is well supported by Revds Jane Shaw, Diana Hammond, Robin Hungerford, Jayne Buckles and Anne Bennett-Shaw, together with LLM Katherine Venning and many devoted lay members of the Team.  The clergy's details are shown under 'Team' on the menu of this website.


Whilst it is early days yet in the process required to identify, attract, recruit and appoint a new Priest-in-Charge, we have not been idle.  The Team Profile has been completely rewritten and revitalised and is ready bar a couple of Diocesan critiques and the post will be advertised in May/June.  Short listing  will be in mid July with interviews planned for later in July.  More details will be posted on this page as soon as they are clear.  Meanwhile, this website will give a broad idea of what we are offering and an idea of the challenges and rewards of this highly attractive position.


“I hold you and our beautiful churches in sincere regard and love, and I am deeply, deeply grateful for the support I have been given in this ministry and the welcome that we have received. If I could write your new profile I would say that anyone who gets this post will be a very lucky person. You are a team that is truly a Team and a fellowship of churches that loves God and its communities and who will support their Incumbent with care”.
(Revd Alison Morley 2017)


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