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The Churches of the Upper Wylye valley team belong to you, to everyone who lives in the parishes and to the nation. They are beautiful historic buildings cared for by teams of dedicated volunteers who keep them open all year round so that there is a free space in every village for YOU.

Introduction to the Upper Wylye Valley Team

Change is afoot in the Upper Wylye Valley Team. We are now officially in a Vacancy but advertising in the Church Times is about to begin for a new Priest-in-Charge (End of May/early June).  It will also appear on the Diocesan website and on this one shortly afterwards.  Our Team Profile is compiled, vetted and ready.  Complementing this website, it describes our parishes, our people, our countryside and our way of life.  The position we are offering is a challenging and attractive one in a beautiful and welcoming part of rural England.

Short listing will be on 11July with interviews planned for 26th and 27th July.  More details will be posted on this page as soon as they are clear.

The spiritual life of our Team carries on; we have a robust and resilient organisation of both clergy and lay supporters that is determined to ensure that life in our valley, in our churches and in our communities continues as seamlessly as possible as we prepare to welcome our new Priest-in-Charge.

The Team Vicar, Revd Clifford Stride, is in charge pro tem and he is well supported by Revds Jane Shaw, Diana Hammond, Robin Hungerford, Jayne Buckles and Anne Bennett-Shaw who all have Permission to Officiate.   Katherine Venning LLM makes up this hard-working group.  The clergy team’s details are shown under 'Team' on the menu of this website.

The Team Prayer that we are all using at this time is shown below:

Eternal God, loving Father,
You have taught us through your Son how to care for all your people:
Be present with us in these months of change.
Guide our decisions and help us to know your will,
that this may be a time of discovery and growth.
Teach us to value each other’s gifts in ministry,
to find new ways of reaching out to our neighbours,
that in your good time we may welcome our new
Team Rector Designate with confidence and joy
for the glory of your name and the building up of your kingdom.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord - Amen


“I hold you and our beautiful churches in sincere regard and love, and I am deeply, deeply grateful for the support I have been given in this ministry and the welcome that we have received. If I could write your new profile I would say that anyone who gets this post will be a very lucky person. You are a team that is truly a Team and a fellowship of churches that loves God and its communities and who will support their Incumbent with care”.
(Revd Alison Morley 2017)


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