Growing in the Love of God

The Upper Wylye Valley Team - Street Pastors

Street Pastors have been active in Warminster for over two years now. A team of 4-6 volunteers, from all the different churches, patrols the streets of the town every Friday between 10.00 p.m. and 2.30 a.m. (or until the town is quiet), making sure those who are out are safe, and helping any in distress.

A team also goes out on the first Saturday of each month (after pay-day). We give out lots of lollipops (which starts many conversations), water for those who need it and flip-flops for girls struggling with high heels.

The police, CCTV and security staff on pub doors, welcome us and say we make a difference, and girls often say they feel safer with us around. We have been asked if we can have a team out every Saturday night, but at present there are not enough of us to cover this extra commitment, so we are looking to recruit more volunteers - training given!