Growing in the Love of God

The Upper Wylye Valley Team - Five Marks of Mission

The UWVT’s Five Marks of Mission is a concept born in 2011, led by the Rector and his team of clergy and developed gently and steadily over the next few years by lay members of the various congregations and church communities. Its overarching umbrella is the God-shaped future to which we aspire with the spokes of that umbrella (or the pillars of the ‘building’, perhaps) being Tell, Teach, Tend, Transform and Treasure. The particular conduits for this are through Worship, Children and Youth and Communication.

All this is shown in diagrammatic form on the following two sheets below with the principal headings highlighted and aspects of each emanating from them. A glance will show the outline vision – but will also reveal the requirement for more clarity, more concentration and constant revision. It is a dynamic concept rather than simply a map.