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The Upper Wylye Valley Team - Friends

Friends of St Mary's Church, Codford

The Friends of St Mary’s Church’ in Codford is a body of volunteers set up to raise money for the upkeep and fabric of our ancient church. It organises and runs a number of fundraising events each year, has an Annual General Meeting in early May for all its members and has never yet had to turn down a request for support from the PCC. Its annual income hovers around the £5000 mark which, together with investment income and donations has proved to be sufficient for its purpose.

Should anyone require more details, wish to offer help or make a donation please contact the Chairman, Mrs J Claypoole, on



The Friends of Heytesbury, Knook and Tytherington Churches

The Friends, a registered charity, was started in 1998 and, in the succeeding fifteen years has raised some £110,000, of which nearly £58,000 has already been paid to the PCC of Heytesbury with Tytherington and Knook for the maintenance of the fabric of these three ancient and beautiful churches.

The main purpose of the Friends is to extend support for the three churches beyond the comparatively small number of regular worshippers into the community at large. We usually have a membership of more than 100 whereas the parochial church roll is often less than half that. The other key factor is that, unlike funds raised by the PCC, which, in addition to paying for routine expenditure such as the Diocesan Quota, the cost of lighting and heating, as well as such items as grass cutting; money raised by the Friends can only be used for the long term maintenance of the fabric, fixtures and furnishings of our three churches.

Current Preoccupations: The PCC has vested the Friends with responsibility for raising the money needed to carry out major, high priority restoration work to Heytesbury Church, including repairs to the tower roof, the replacement of slates to all roof slopes, and masonry repairs, as recommended in the Quinquennial Inspection Report, estimated to cost well in excess of £250,000, for which an application is now being prepared for a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (in association with English Heritage), due for submission on 20th August, 2014.

A second and subsequent part of the project, still in the early stages of planning, is to create a space in the west end of the Church for the benefit of the wider community. It is hoped that the Charity Commissioners will allow a change to the constitution to enable this to be done.