JULY 2018

15th July, 7th Sunday after Trinity

St John’s Chapel      8.30am      Holy Communion (BCP),  Heytesbury

Norton Bavant         9.30am      Parish Communion

Codford St. Peter    9.30am      Parish Communion

Sutton Veny             11.00am    Flower Show Service

Upton Lovell            11.00am    Parish Communion              (Choir)

Codford Vill Hall      4.00pm      Messy Church


22nd July, 8th Sunday after Trinity

Codford St. Mary     8.30am     Holy Communion (BCP)

Sutton Veny              8.30am     Holy Communion (BCP)

Codford St. Peter    10.00am    Parish Communion

Heytesbury              10.00am    Sunday Worship

Boyton                      11.00am    Parish Communion              (Choir)

Heytesbury               6.00pm     Evensong (BCP)


30th July, 7th Sunday after Trinity

10.00am    Pilgrimage from St Leonard’s, Sutton Veny to Tytherington

Tytherington            11.00am    TEAM SERVICE

Codford St. Mary     6.00pm      Evensong (BCP)                 (Choir)



5th August, 10th Sunday after Trinity - Transfiguration

Norton Bavant         8.30am    Team BCP Communion

Fane Hall, Corton   10.00am   Café Church with Breakfast from 9.30am

St Leonard’s, SV     6.00pm     Team Service: Evensong


12th August, 11th Sunday after Trinity (Lammas)

Codford St. Mary    10.00am    Team Parish Communion (Lammas)

Upton Lovell            6.00pm      Team Service: Evensong


19th August, 12th Sunday after Trinity

Knook                       10.00am     Team Service: Matins

Boyton                      6.00pm       Team Parish Communion


26th August, 13th Sunday after Trinity

Codford St. Peter   10.00am      Team Parish Communion

Heytesbury              6.00pm       Team Service: Evensong