Team Council

The Team Council During the Vacancy


Revd Clifford Stride – 01985 850941

David Shaw – 01985 850372

A review of the responsibilities and the constitution of the Team Council had become necessary, and the Vacancy provided a useful opportunity to conduct it.

The Team Council Scheme has been redrafted to bring it up to date with today’s requirements, but it will remain a ‘working document’ until endorsed by our new Priest-in-Charge; thereafter, it will be presented to PCCs for approval.  The constitution of the Team Council was also revisited and for the time being, it will be co-chaired by Revd Clifford Stride (leading the Team during the Vacancy) and David Shaw (representing the laity).  PCCs are represented by Alan Nash, Judy Hungerford, Gill Boxall, Bridget Lorimer, Nicola Fellowes, Richard Jackman, Nigel and Betty Lewis, Barbara Tomlinson, Brian Long, Andrew Cumming, Tina Sitwell, John Acworth and Roger Hammond – a total of 16 members.

Three meeting a year are planned but this can be altered as needs dictate.  At present, it is providing a useful co-ordinating forum that draws all the various strings that make up the Team’s activities together and its tauter working practices continue to evolve.

Minutes of Meetings held over the last year can be found in the Members' area of this website under the heading Team Council Meeting Minutes 2018.